Did Madison LeCroy have a breast augmentation?

Did Madison LeCroy have a breast augmentation?

Madison LeCroy The Southern Charm charm underwent a breast augmentation in October 2020, and she revealed her results the following month. “Blooming,” she captioned a pic, in which she posed in a low-cut light blue crop top.

What’s up with Madison’s face?

Southern Charm is back in 2022 with a brand new season and cast members including Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Shep Rose, Leva Bonaparte and many more are back for season 8.

Where did Madison LeCroy get her mommy makeover?

Although Madison had never previously undergone surgery, this was something she had on her mind “for so long.” Eventually, she made the decision to meet with Dr. Patrick J. O’Neill, a Charleston-based plastic surgeon.

Did Madison have her teeth done?

“After several conversations with Madison and my ceramist, we were able to make changes to the teeth and give Madison her dream smile with her final veneers,” read the caption of his post.