Why did Dyrus quit?

“I was getting to the point where I was starting to get really, really, really depressed. To the point where it was going to be very unhealthy levels of being depressed. So that’s why we are not playing League. It is better for my mental health and mental health is…

When did Dyrus join TSM?

In early 2012, Dyrus moved in with Team SoloMid in their gaming house in New York, due to his high ping from Hawaii. He continued to play for Epik Gamer.

Is Bjergsen still a co owner?

Bjergsen had been with the North American team since November 2013 and became part-owner in 2019. He will need to sell off his ownership equity to play for another team. TSM’s last title was the 2017 North American LCS Summer split, when Bjergsen was MVP.

What season did Dyrus retire?

One of the most recognizable League pro gamers, he retired in October 2015 following the LoL Season 5 World Championships to become a streamer for TSM having won three NA LCS titles, two IPL titles and an IEM World Championship with the team.