Where can I watch the full Kardashian reunion?

Where can I watch the full Kardashian reunion?

You’ll also find both episodes of the two-part reunion special available to watch on YouTube TV, which offers them on VOD through E!, and on Sling. If you don’t have cable or a YouTube TV subscription, you can also purchase individual episodes from Season 20 of KUWTK, which are available to buy on Amazon Prime Video.

What time does The Kardashians come out 2022?

Like the previous installment, fans can expect to stream new episodes of The Kardashians every Thursday at midnight on Hulu.

What time is Kardashians on tonight Disney plus?

What time is The Kardashians season 2 on Disney+? The Kardashians season two is going to debut on Thursday, September 22, on Hulu in the USA and Disney+ in the UK. The premiere episode is going to be released on Hulu at 12am ET and Tuesday, September 21, at 9pm PT.