What week of The Bachelor is hometowns?

What week of The Bachelor is hometowns?

‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Season 26, Episode 8: Hometowns Week.

Is The Bachelor on tonight 2022?

In fact, we won’t see it at all in 2022. Season 27 is being held for the midseason just like the previous two seasons. Instead, Bachelor in Paradise is going to air in the fall.

Who makes it to hometowns on The Bachelor 2022?

The four ladies who will get to bring Clayton to their hometowns are Susie Evans, Gabby Windy, Rachel Recchia, and Serene Russell, he confirmed on Twitter. (BACHELOR SPOILER): Here are your final 4 for Clayton’s season.

Does The Bachelor stage hometowns?

If the Bachelor contestants’ family homes feel a little *too* perfect to be real, they probably are. While some contestants do bring their dream guy to their parents’ real house, others opt to borrow a friend, neighbor or relative’s house or even have production rent a place for the special meeting.