What is bad kid Mykel’s birthday?

As of 2022, Bad Kid Mykel’s age is 17 years old. He was born on 26 July 2005. His zodiac sign is Leo.

How old is Badkid Jayde?

Jayde is a 10 year old actress/influencer with FunnyMike Entertainment!

How do I join badkids?

If you want to be on the next season Sign Up it’s so easy just follow these steps:. Make a Casting tape. answer these questions. -What made you want to be on the Bad Kids Club. -What your age. -What your name. -Why you think your fit to be on the BKC. -What your dislikes and likes about people.

How many Badkids are there?

The Bad Kids are a group of six daddy adventurers of varying backgrounds, but they all get along very well. Towards the beginning of their career, they were very reckless and generally went into fights with the intention of killing everyone.