Is Nick on Y&R leaving the show?

Thankfully, a show source indicates that not only is Morrow staying put, but there’s plenty of storyline down the road for Victor and Nikki’s son. Review Morrow’s impressive stint as Nick in a photo gallery that chronicles the life and loves of Victor and Nikki’s son.

Is Nicholas Newman married in real life?

On THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Nicholas Newman has had quite the roller coaster of a love life, but in reality, portrayer Joshua Morrow has been happily married to his wife, Tobe Keeney, since August 4, 2001!

How old is Sally Spectra?

What better way, and in what better place, to spend time reflecting. We’re sure she was doing just that as she pondered having taken “another trip around the sun” in her caption and revealed with her hashtag that it was her 33rd birthday!