Did Mike and Lauren have another baby?

It’s a Girl,” the “Jersey Shore” alum tweeted alongside a photo of himself and Lauren, 37, posing for a picture with a pink feather boa. “Baby coming January 2023,” he concluded. Mike, 40, and Lauren, 37, are already the parents of 1-year-old son Romeo, whom they welcomed in May 2021.

When did Lauren and Mike have a baby?

The photo features Mike, Lauren and their first child, Romeo Reign, who they welcomed to the family in May 2021.

Did Mike and Lauren lose their baby?

“And then at about six-and-a-half, seven weeks I miscarried.” She also called the ordeal “heart-wrenching.” When asked why she came forward with her story of losing her child, Lauren said, “I didn’t want to hold this in.

Is Lauren Situation pregnant?

We’re a growing family! Baby on the way 🤰🏼 January 2023,” Mike and Lauren shared via identical Instagram posts. “God is Good 🙏🏼.” Lauren added via her Instagram Story, “We’re Pregnant!”