Why do people say Chillax?

The verb chillax has been around since the mid-nineties. A blend of verbs chill and relax, its initial use was largely in the imperative as a way of telling someone to calm down and relax about something, e.g.: Chillax, nothing’s going to go wrong…

When did people start saying chillax?

The term “Chillax” can be traced back as far back as 2001. A writer/comedian by the name of Las Visciedo claims to have coined this phrase after a spat with his then girl friend and then used later on stage during a performance.

How do you use Chillax?

relaxAfter a long day in the office, I love nothing more than relaxing on the sofa. chill outWe spent the whole week chilling out on the beach. chillaxHey, man, just chillax. unwindMusic helps me to unwind.