How old is BoyWithUke now?

BoyWithUke, an ascendant and anonymous 19-year-old artist living in Massachusetts, has become TikTok’s most famous masked singer, earning 3.5 million followers on the app (and 196.2 million U.S. streams, according to MRC Data).

How did BoyWithUke get famous?

The anonymous singer made his streaming debut in 2021 with the viral success of his minute-long songs, translating into streaming numbers in the tens of millions. His 2021 album Fever Dreams became one of the top ten album debuts during its debut weekend on Spotify UK.

What is BoyWithUke real name?

“Jake Shimabukuro: the ukulele man”.

How do you make a song on GarageBand?

Getting Started. 1) Open the GarageBand application from Dock or Applications folder. Playing your instrument. Selecting your sounds. Recording your sounds. Editing your sounds. Adding a beat. Arranging and mixing your song. Exporting your song.