Where was Clare’s Bachelorette season filmed?

Where was Clare’s Bachelorette season filmed?

Clare Crawley and crew ditched Bachelor Mansion amid the coronavirus pandemic and filmed the reality show at La Quinta Resort & Club at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the city of La Quinta.

Why does Clare’s season end early?

A source told ET in August that Clare ended her journey early on good terms with producers, and now we know that she made the decision to shut things down and pursue her relationship with Dale.

Did Clare and Dale meet before filming?

Especially in quarantine, [having that time] to focus in on what I do want.” When Clare broke the news to her other suitors, they also had questions about her and Dale contacting each other before the show, but she assured them, “100% no. I’ve never had one interaction, one conversation.

When was Bachelorette 16 filmed?

Production on Season 16 was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic just when it was about to start in March. It began filming in July, and less than three weeks later, we got a new Bachelorette.