When did Taylor Swift date Jake Gyllenhaal?

When did Taylor Swift date Jake Gyllenhaal?

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal dated singer Taylor Swift in 2010.

How long did Jake and Taylor date?

It is immediately and widely accepted that Gyllenhaal, whom Swift dated for about three months from 2010 to 2011, is the villain of the story despite no direct confirmation from the singer herself.

How is Jake Gyllenhaal famous?

Starting with 2001’s Donnie Darko, Gyllenhaal has contributed a wealth of superb acting work over the years. Following his breakout role as the titular Donnie, he went on to star in some of the early 2000s’ most popular films, including The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, and Zodiac.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal have a child?

When it comes to raising kids of his own, Gyllenhaal has yet to settle down. However, he does enjoy being an uncle to his two nieces, who are the children of his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and her husband, Peter Sarsgaard. The couple are parents to daughters Ramona, 14, and Gloria Ray, 9.