Is September a good month for a wedding?

Is September a good month for a wedding?

It comes as no surprise that September is one of the most popular months to have a wedding. Ushering in the autumn season, September weddings enjoy the perks of cooler weather and gorgeous scenery, while also just avoiding the summer crowds. Across the board, it’s an ideal month to get married.

Is a September wedding summer or fall?

September weddings are always a unique experience because most of the month is still technically summer, but September instantly brings the essence of fall.

Why is September wedding season?

September and October give brides vibrant and beautiful fall colors that will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and elegant. The weather is just leaving Summer, so it isn’t too cold for you or your guests, and if you’ve been dreaming of those deep maroons, and navy blues, Fall flings the door wide open!

What is the best date for a fall wedding?

Labor Day. It’s not surprising to learn that Labor Day Weekend is the most popular holiday weekend for weddings. Columbus Day Weekend. October is the most popular month to wed—15 percent of all weddings take place in October. Veterans Day Weekend. Thanksgiving Weekend. October.