Where does Alex Wassabi live right now?

Alex Burris, known online as Alex Wassabi, lives in Los Angeles.

Where is Wassabi Productions from?

Roi and Alex decided to produce videos weekly and post them on Wassabi Wednesdays. Their objective is to make people laugh and inspire Wassabians. They moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles, California for benefits as Youtubers.

Where is Guava Juice House?

Location Encino, Los Angeles, Calif.

When did Alex and Lauren breakup?

She started dating fellow YouTuber Alexander “Alex” Burriss, also known as Alex Wassabi on YouTube, in 2015. They broke up in September 2018.

Who is KSI fighting instead of Alex Wassabi?

Instead, however, KSI announced that Swarmz would be the replacement fighter for the night — a rapper and collaborator who’s previously featured on one of his songs — and fans aren’t too happy.

Is Alex Wassabi on iCarly?

Although she’s not the only famous celebrity to be featured in the new iCarly series! What is this? Youtuber Alex Wassabi and George Montgomery Butler also feature as celebrity cameos in the new series!