Where do the thousand pounds sisters live?

In the small town of Dixon, Kentucky, sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton live together with Amy’s husband Michael Halterman.

Do the Slaton sisters live in Kentucky?

Where Does Amy Slaton Live? Amy purchased a new home in the city of Morganfield, Kentucky, for $37,000, In Touch can confirm. The single-story, 1,584-square-foot property went on the market back in July 2021.

What part of Kentucky does Amy and Tammy live in?

1000-Lb. Sisters stars Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman (née Slaton) used to live together in a duplex located in Dixon, Kentucky, until Amy purchased a new abode for her family, including husband Michael and their sons, Gage and Glenn. Get an update on where the siblings reside now.

Where is Tammy and Amys House?

In Touch previously confirmed that Amy purchased a new home in the city of Morganfield for $37,000, a short drive away from Dixon, Kentucky, where Amy still resides in her part of their former one-story duplex. Amy lived on the right side while Tammy used to reside on the left side.