What part of Texas is Christine Quinn from?

What part of Texas is Christine Quinn from?

Christine was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to LA to pursue her modelling and acting career.

Where did Christine grow up?

A cast member of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn, recently talked about her rough childhood while growing up in Texas on the Call Her Daddy podcast, which was released on Wednesday, May 18. The “villain” of Selling Sunset is from Dallas.

Where is Christine from?

Christine is feminine given name of Greek origin.

Is Christine Quinn her real name?

Biography: Christine Bently Quinn — born in Dallas in October 1988 — made quite the name for herself through her starring role on Netflix’s hit reality series Selling Sunset, beginning in 2019.

What is Christine Quinn’s net worth?

What is Christine Quinn’s net worth? Christine is thought to be worth around $2 million (around £1.6 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth. The agents at The Oppenheim Group don’t actually earn salaries, but they do get hefty commissions on the multi-million dollar houses they sell.

Is Christine Quinn’s husband Rich?

What is Christian Richard’s net worth? Christian is worth a reported $20 million (£14.4 million).