What nationality is Daisy on below deck?

Returning chief stew Daisy Kelliher is considered a yachting legacy. Her grandfather was an Olympic sailor for Ireland in 1964, and her parents – and many aunts and uncles – were yachties.

Is Daisy from Ireland?

So, who is Daisy Kelliher? The chief stewardess is 33 years old and was born in Dublin, Ireland. Daisy comes from a long line of yachties and sailors, dating all the way back to her grandfather.

Where is Daisy below deck now?

Now with season 3 behind her, Daisy has made herself at home on the Parsifal III. It would be hard for nautical enthusiasts to imagine Daisy on any other show, but the Bravo universe is small, and shows are known to have multiple crossovers.

Are Daisy and Gary from below deck together?

‘ And no, we are just friends. We’re lucky that we are two adults who can share a kiss and still be friends.”