Where did Dak Prescott grow up?

Dak grew up in a trailer park in rural Louisiana, the youngest of three boys living with their single mother who managed a truck stop. It was in a field behind that trailer park where Dak’s older brothers taught him to play football.

What race are Dak Prescott’s parents?

Prescott’s parents are Peggy and Nathaniel Prescott. Dak Prescott is of mixed racial origin. His mother is a European-American, and his father is of African-American descent.

Is Dak Prescott from Louisiana?

Dak Prescott’s Early Life and Background Prescott was born in Louisiana to Peggy Prescott, a manager of a truck shop. He was the youngest of three siblings and attended Haughton High School in Louisiana. He was a high school football team star and helped the school to a District 1-AAAA title win.