What happened to Demi in Bachelor in Paradise?

Burnett turned heads on season 6 when she came out publicly as bisexual after her ex-girlfriend Kristian Haggerty showed up in Mexico to try and fix their relationship. The pair briefly rekindled their romance and got engaged on the show. They later called it quits in October 2019.

Is Demi on Bachelor in Paradise 2022?

Not Coming Back. Before any casting announcements were made, season 6 and 7 alum Demi Burnett told Us that she won’t be heading back to Mexico for another round. “I cannot go on Bachelor in Paradise again,” she said in May 2022. “Also, I’m way out of their league.”

Is Demi from Bachelor autistic?

Bachelor star Demi Burnett on how her autism diagnosis improved her mental health. In February Burnett announced on Instagram that she had undergone a psychiatric evaluation which determined that she is autistic.