Is Cassidy The DJ blind?

Cassidy’s Pass The Mic: BET Awards Edition led to speculation that the singer is blind. He sported dark shades, despite being in a well-lit room, but to public knowledge, Cassidy is not in fact blind.

Who discovered DJ Cassidy?

During one late-night set, Cassidy caught the attention of Sean “Puffy” Combs, who, impressed with the youngster’s vast knowledge of music well beyond his years, recruited Cassidy to deejay his MTV Video Music Awards bash.

When did DJ Cassidy start pass the mic?

DJ Cassidy began “Pass the Mic” in 2020 as a pandemic-era means of bringing together R&B and hip-hop stars, almost all of whose initial heydays date back to the early ’70s to the early 2000s.

How did Cassidy get famous?

Cassidy first garnered attention for his freestyles and competitions as a battle rapper in the late 1990s. American record producer Swizz Beatz found Cassidy in 2002 and signed him to his Full Surface Records imprint under Ruff Ryders Entertainment and J Records, which helped him gain major recognition.