Where does Hsieh live?

Hsieh resided primarily in Downtown Las Vegas, and also owned a residence in Southern Highlands, Nevada. Hsieh was known for taking extreme challenges regarding his body, including starving himself of oxygen to induce hypoxia, using nitrous oxide, and fasting to the point where he was under 100 pounds (45 kg).

Who is Hsieh’s boyfriend?

Hsieh Su-Wei visits Prague with boyfriend Frederic Aniere.

Is Hsieh playing Australian Open 2022?

3 Hsieh Su-Wei is pregnant. Presumably, that is why the four-time doubles Grand Slam champion from Chinese Taipei missed the 2022 Australian Open.

Is Hsieh Taiwanese?

Hsieh is the highest-ranked Taiwanese player in history, in both singles and doubles. Last updated on: 6 June 2022.

Is Hsieh married?

Hsieh married George Young in January 2015. They have two sons, one born in 2017 and the other in 2021.

Why is Hsieh not sponsored?

I don’t have enough to pay my team well.” Sponsors in Taiwan have reached out to her before but things did not work out, she added. “I don’t have a manager in Taiwan.