What happened Jhonnie blaze?

Jhonni made a post on social media, explaining why she “disappeared.” She said, “I took a mental break. I’m done explaining the reasons why. It doesn’t help me heal. You bashing me because you don’t understand depression doesn’t help me.” She went on to speak on the Black community doesn’t fully understand depression.

Is Jhonni blaze in a relationship?

Jhonni Blaze is reportedly in a new relationship, and it’s with a woman. TheJasmineBRAND.com says sources close to the former Love & Hip-Hop: NY star is dating popular Instagram model Mali J.

Does Johnny Blaze have a daughter?

With his curse gone and reunited with his only love, Johnny decided to propose to Roxanne. She accepted, and they were married and had two children, Craig and Emma.

Is Jhonni blaze Jamaican?

Jhonni Blaze is a R&B singer-songwriter originally from Georgia. She was raised by parents in Jamaica, Queens, New York. She rose to fame as a stripper and sex worker in Houston, Texas, which lead to a career as an urban model and video vixen, and a brief stint in pornography.