Where is J.I. from nationality?

Rivera grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and is of Puerto Rican descent. At a young age he was introduced by his parents to music like old-school hip hop and reggaeton, and would make rudimentary beats on a miniature keyboard.

When did J.I. start?

Born Justin Irvin Rivera in 2001, J.I was rapping as early as age 11, often posting his freestyles on various social media platforms. Influenced by East Coast rappers like Nas and Jay-Z, he developed a style that aimed for pop superstardom as much as it did street cred.

Who discovered ji?

Freestyling by the age of 11 alongside his brothers, it didn’t take long for the lyricist to post videos on Instagram–leading to his discovery by producer-rapper Jermaine Dupri, who secured his spot on the second season of The Rap Game at 14-years old.

Who is the king of New York rapper 2022?

On what would have been his 50th birthday, The Notorious B.I.G. will be crowned with a title his fans have always known he’s held: King of New York.