Who did Gardner Minshew play for?

Gardner Minshew

How many colleges did Gardner Minshew go to?

Where did Gardner Minshew II go to college? Gardner Minshew started his college career at Troy before transferring to Northwest Mississippi Community College, where he won the NJCAA National Championship, before then enrolling at East Carolina, where he played the following two seasons.

What did the Eagles give for Minshew?

The Eagles acquired Gardner Minshew for a conditional sixth-round pick in August. The pick could rise to a fifth-rounder if Minshew is involved in 50% of the team’s plays in three games this season.

Why did the Jaguars get rid of Gardner Minshew?

In the end, the Jaguars traded Minshew because they believed Lawrence become the franchise quarterback they have been looking for. Also, Minshew still has plenty of years ahead of him, so he shouldn’t get fidgety after three games in Philadelphia.

What is Gardner Minshew win/loss record?

Gardner Minshew has a record of 10-17 in his career.

Why is Minshew called the jock strap king?

It turns out that he is also known as the Jock Strap King due to his propensity for stretching in his jockstrap (and sometimes not even that) in the locker room as part of a gameday ritual. At this point, the Jaguars will let Minshew do whatever he wants.