Does Jonathan Owens play in the NFL?

In just his second NFL start, Houston Texans Jonathan Owens recorded his first career interception and fumble recovery in Week 16 against the Los Angeles Chargers.

How did Simone Biles meet Jonathan Owens?

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens met the way most couples do these days: on an app. The Olympic gymnast and Houston Texans safety connected just before the pandemic and, in the time since, have built a loving relationship that’s all about lifting each other up.

What is Jonathan Owens doing now?

He currently plays for the Houston Texans He currently plays the position of safety for the Texans — and Biles is his biggest fan. “Forever cheering loud and proud for #36,” Biles wrote on Instagram in December 2021 to congratulate Owens on his first-ever career interception.