What character does Pharrell play in Sing 2?

What character does Pharrell play in Sing 2?

Pharrell Williams as Alfonso The musician plays an elephant named Alfonso in the Sing sequel, an ice cream truck owner who bonds with Meena.

Who’s the monkey in Sing 2?

Character comedian Adam Buxton voices the proboscis’ monkey dance instructor.

Who is the singing voice of Johnny in Sing 2?

Taron Egerton is the voice of Johnny in Sing 2.

Who does Idris Elba play in Sing 2?

Meena Jones (Tori Kelly) needs to cope with an unexpected crush. Oh, and yes Johnny’s father (Idris Elba) makes an appearance, in a cheerful cameo which reminds you that their relationship has improved because of the events of the first Sing. You know, like a good sequel that remembers it’s a sequel.

Why was Ash crying in Sing?

Lance blames Ash for his affair, saying she’s never around anymore. Ash reminds him that she was participating in the competition for the both of them before finally slamming the door shut. Ash’s heartbreak weighs on her during the next rehearsal, and she breaks down crying mid-performance.

Who plays the dad ape in Sing 2?

Peter Serafinowicz: Big Daddy.