Who did Kaia Gerber dated?

Kaia Gerber is currently dating Austin Butler and his impeccable hair coif, but she’s actually been in several high-profile relationships over the years—including with the man, the myth, the legend Pete Davidson.

How old was Kaia when she dated Pete?

Nobody really knows when exactly Pete and Kaia first met, but it’s widely assumed that it was when he made a surprise appearance at the Alexander Wang fashion show in May, when Kaia was 17. (She’s 18 now and he’s 25.) And thus begins their situationship.

Who did Kaia Gerber date before Austin Butler?

Kaia Gerber has most recently been romantically linked to actor Austin Butler, but the Elvis star isn’t the first celebrity the 20-year-old model has dated. She also has a history with Euphoria star Jacob Elordi, comedian Pete Davidson, and more.