How many kids does Adam Frasch have?

But in its totality, it painted a picture of a distraught Frasch at the end of his rope in his rocky marriage. At the time of her death, Samira had filed for divorce and been granted sole custody of the couple’s two children.

Where is Adam Frasch today?

Frasch, who killed his wife Samira Frasch in 2014, sought a new trial based on what he claimed were errors in the case presented to jurors in 2017. The First District Court of Appeal released its opinion Wednesday. Frasch, 52, is being held in Blackwater River Correctional Facility in Milton.

Where is Samira Frasch from?

Samira Frasch was born on December 12, 1975 in Antsohihy, Madagascar. She was previously married to…

What did Adam Frasch do for a living?

She married a podiatrist, Adam Frasch, whom she met in Paris in 2006, and moved into his 5,000-square foot, $500,000 home in a gated community. He also had a home in Panama City Beach.