Who is Alexa that Ivan met on Bachelor in Paradise?

As Ivan noted, Alexa was a contestant on The Bachelor season 24 and was eliminated in Week 3. She’s an esthetician from Chicago, Illinois, and you can check out her Instagram page here. Ivan claimed that Alexa was the one person he was hoping to see when coming onto Paradise, which is what they all say!

Is Ivan still with Alexa?

Ivan and Alexa are not currently a couple. Ivan explained that he’s “still friends with her today” and “she has no regrets about how things played out and really enjoyed the night.”

Who slept with Peter on The Bachelor?

Hannah Brown doesn’t hold back in her upcoming memoir, God Bless This Mess, revealing everything that went down during (and after) her time as the Bachelorette. One of the biggest bombshells? She had sex with Peter Weber while his season of the show was airing.