Is Andy Cohen and John Hill still together?

Is Andy Cohen and John Hill still together?

Hill is gay. He was previously in a relationship with his Radio Andy costar Andy Cohen.

Are Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper a couple?

Strictly Platonic. “It’s not what our relationship is based on. We’re just friends. That’s not a part of it,” Cohen explained of their bond during a January 2022 interview on the Howard Stern Show.

Does Andy Cohen have a new baby?

Andy Cohen is a proud father of two, welcoming his first child, Ben, in 2019 and second baby, Lucy, in 2022. The Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host announced he was set to become a parent during a December 2018 episode of the talk show that featured OG Housewives.

Is John Mayer in a relationship with Andy Cohen?

“We have a very sweet friendship, and we’re together all the time,” Cohen said of his relationship with the singer-songwriter.