Who plays Bailey’s husband Jason on The Rookie?

Who plays Bailey’s husband Jason on The Rookie?

First appearing in the Dec. 12 episode of The Rookie, Steve Kazee is introduced as James, Bailey’s estranged husband. Basically, just as Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and Bailey confess their love for each other, James comes back to haunt her.

What happens to Bailey’s husband The Rookie?

The end result is that the cops take out some of the dealers, arrest the others, and Jason is sent to jail for eight more years. Bailey’s place of residence is seen only once, in “Endgame” when she suspects that her estranged husband has been in her house.

Is Bailey married on The Rookie?

Nolan was obviously shocked that Bailey was married, but she was trying to divorce him. Jason later planted drugs on Bailey. However, the police ended up arresting him, and Bailey got her divorce. After a traumatizing experience with Rosalind Dyer in The Rookie Season 5, Bailey proposed to Nolan, and he said yes.

Does Bailey marry Nolan?

Eventually, Nolan and Bailey figure out a way to bring justice to her situation, and she is granted a divorce, while her abuser ends up in prison for a serious crime.