How did Anna Kendrick meet Bill Hader?

How did Anna Kendrick meet Bill Hader?

In 2017, Bill and Anna met on set, co-starring as siblings in Noelle for Disney Plus. At the time, Bill was still married to now-ex Maggie Carey, although they divorced in 2018 during filming for Noelle. Soon after Bill and Maggie split, he moved on with his former The To-Do List co-star Rachel Bilson.

Who is Anna Kendrick husband?

She began dating English cinematographer Ben Richardson in February 2014, after they met while filming Drinking Buddies. That relationship has since ended. Kendrick began dating actor Bill Hader in late 2020 or early 2021. By June 2022, they had ended their relationship.

Who is Bill Hader’s partner?

Bill Hader