What does Bobby McCray do now?

McCray is now a free agent. After a successful football career at University of Florida, McCray was selected by the Jaguars for the 2004 NFL Draft, where he remained with the team for four seasons. During his time as a Jaguar, McCray was partly responsible for the team winning the 2007 AFC Wild Card game.

What did Bobby McCray do?

Every aspect of the case—which saw five teenage boys of color wrongfully convicted of raping a white woman—is tragic, but one of the most upsetting story threads belongs to McCray, who misguidedly convinced his son Antron to sign a false confession admitting to the crime.

Did Antron ever forgive his father?

Antron leads a relatively quiet life today in Georgia, where he lives with his wife and their six children. But to this day, he still has not forgiven his father for pushing him to lie to the police. “I looked up to my father,” he told CBS News. “But he gave up on me.

Does Antron McCray talk to his father?

To this day, McCray has not reconciled with his father, whom he called a “coward” during an interview with CBS News earlier this month. He recalled his father’s fateful decision, describing how he initially kept telling the truth until his father left the room to speak to police privately and then came back “changed.”