Is Liam Payne in a relationship?

Liam Payne has been spotted out and about once again with his new girlfriend Kate Cassidy, so naturally, everyone wants to know more about his latest flame.

Are Liam and Maya still together 2022?

Liam and Maya split in June 2021 but rekindled their romance shortly thereafter. By September 2021, they were walking red carpets together. It wasn’t until April 2022 that they called it quits for good.

Is Liam Payne with Cheryl?

Our source says, “It’s no secret that Cheryl and Liam have remained friendly, and despite all the times that he’s embarrassed her by saying too much about their break-up and family life in interviews, they’re still very close.

Who is Liam Payne’s wife?

Payne began dating model Maya Henry in 2019, and they announced their engagement in August 2020. In June 2021, Payne announced they had ended their relationship.