What does Lior Bitton do for a living?

What does Lior Bitton do for a living?

Lior Bitton

Is Jenna Jameson still married to Tito Ortiz?

Ortiz and Jameson – real name Jenna Marie Massoli – began dating in 2006 but split up seven years later. The MMA legend was granted full custody of his twin boys Jesse and Journey. Ortiz has since remarried to former UFC ring girl Amber Nichole Miller, and the couple now raise the boys together.

Is Jenna Jameson married to Lior?

Lior and Jenna have been engaged since 2015. The couple shares a baby daughter together. According to The Sun, Lior is an Israeli businessman.

Where is Jenna Jameson now?

Jameson, who lives in Hawaii with her partner Lior Bitton and their 4-year-old daughter Batel Lu, said that the recovery process is “messy, it’s not fun. But I like a good challenge.”