Is Dr Darren and Lisa Nicole still married?

Darren have been out of the spotlight for a few years, we’ve been wondering about the status of their marriage. Well, Married to Medicine fans, we’re happy to report that Lisa Nicole and Dr. Darren are still together and seem to be stronger than ever.

How long was Lisa Nicole on Married to Medicine?

Lisa Nicole was previously a cast member in Seasons 2 through 4 of Married to Medicine, while Kari was part of Season 1’s cast before making appearances on the show over the years.

Why is Lisa Nicole not on Married to Medicine?

I need to focus on my family, I need to focus on my other businesses… at that time, I was still trying to have a baby, so it was kind of hard.” Lisa added that taking a break from the show helped her and her husband, Dr.

Who is Nicole Weiss husband?

David Rhoades and Nicole Weiss have been a couple since high school. A diagnosis brought them even closer together.