Who does Love from You date in real life?

Victoria Pedretti has a real-life romance with her You co-star! A source confirms to ET that Pedretti, 26, and her 27-year-old co-star, Dylan Arnold, are involved in an off-screen romance. “Victoria Pedretti and her You co-star, Dylan Arnold, are dating and have been for about a few months,” the source says.

Who is Theo dating?

Victoria Pedretti, 26, and Dylan Arnold, 27, aka Love Quinn and Theo Engler are apparently dating in real life.

What is the age difference between Love and Theo?

Victoria Pedretti is 26 years old and appears to play Love at a similar age. (In the book series, Love is actually 35 years old.) At one point in You season 3, Theo stands outside Love’s house holding a boombox above his head, referencing the iconic scene from 1989’s Say Anything.