Who is Diana Ross’s son Evan Ross married to?

Who is Diana Ross’s son Evan Ross married to?

According to Essence, the 29-year-old wed his now wife, Kimberly Ryan, in a magical ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

Why did Evan Ross change his name?

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Marry in Connecticut Following the wedding, Simpson took her husband’s legal last name — Naess — which is his father’s. But now that the couple is expecting its first child, as TMZ reports, together they want to change their last names to Ross-Naess in honor of the queen Supreme — Ross.

Who is Evan Ross daddy?

Evan Ross

How old was Diana Ross when she gave birth to Evan?

Diana Ross has an arsenal of talented children. The legendary singer gave birth to her youngest son, Evan Ross and Evan, at age 44! “Being a parent is very important to me,” Diana Ross said on the Oprah Show.