Who is Martell dating now?

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield and her new man Martell Holt stepped out in style over the weekend for their first event sighting as a pair.

Who is the woman martell cheated with?

Martell Holt’s marital indescritons are no secret to Love & Marriage: Huntsville fans. The father of five shares four children with his ex-wife Melody Shari. Their marriage ended amid Holt continuing his long-term affair with his mistress Arionne Curry and confirming that she was pregnant with his fifth child.

Who is Arionne Curry married to?

Martell Holt made the first move But in an interview with Tasha K, she says that Martell Holt was actually the one to initiate the relationship. She says they met at a barbeque in Huntsville after he sent his cousin to start a conversation with her. “I did notice him. I thought he was nice looking.