Who is Moriya Lombroso?

Moriya Lombroso Shachar – Lead Clinical Partner – Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel | LinkedIn.

Is Michael Aloni Israeli?

Sure, the Israeli actor is easy on the eyes, but he’s also talented and captivating as heck. Aloni is known for playing a pretty fascinating dad in both his hit Israeli shows. In “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” he plays Gabriel Ermosa, a father of three who is particularly devoted to his oldest daughter.

Does Michael Aloni speak English?

He delivers his dialogue in perfect English, slightly tinged with that familiar Israeli accent. Truly, we have fallen into his deep blue eyes and we can’t get up! And while the scene is only a few minutes long, one thing is clear: We need Aloni in more American and English-language TV shows!

Who is Aloni?

Michael Mark Aloni (or Alony; Hebrew: מיכאל אלוני; born 31 January 1984) is an Israeli actor, director, writer and television presenter.