Who are Ned beattys kids?

His first wife was Walta Chandler; they were married from 1959 until 1968 and had four children: Douglas Beatty (born 1960), twins Charles and Lennis Beatty (born 1963), and Walter Beatty (born 1966).

What was Ned Beatty’s cause of death?

Ned Beatty

Who is Warren Beatty married to?

Warren Beatty

Who were Warren Beatty’s lovers?

Jane Fonda. Source: Pinterest. Joan Collins. Source: Daily Mail/Getty Images. Cher. Source: PopSugar. Natalie Wood. Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood in ‘Splendor In The Grass’ (1961). Vivien Leigh. Vivien Leigh and Warren Beatty in ‘The Roman Spring of Mrs. Leslie Caron. Mamie Van Doren. Julie Christie.

How much money did Ned Beatty have?

It was because of Ned Beatty’s ability to constantly work that allowed him to have a $5 million net worth at the time of his death, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What religion was Ned Beatty?

Ned Thomas Beatty was born in 1937 in Louisville, Ky., and raised in Lexington, where he joined the Protestant Disciples of Christ Christian Church.