Is Cooper Noriega related to Nessa Barrett?

Is Cooper Noriega related to Nessa Barrett?

Cooper Noriega’s Family and His Best Friend Nessa Barrett Release Heartfelt Statements Following His Death. He was found dead hours after posting a cryptic message on TikTok.

Are Nessa and Jaden still together?

“I don’t regret anything,” Barrett said on Call Her Daddy about her relationship with Jaden Hossler. Over a year after social media was buzzing over Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler a.k.a Jxdn’s relationship and their eventual split, the “madhouse” singer is clearing the air.

Does Nessa Barrett have a dad?

Nessa’s dad, Drew Barrett, went live over the weekend to discuss the situation and defend his daughter.

What is Nessa mental illness?

The influencer and songstress was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or BPD when she was 18 and later revealed she suffered from an eating disorder as a result. In an interview with Nylon, the singer revealed her eating disorder began when she was just 12 years old.