Is Nick and Natalie still together?

“Their relationship is very real,” a source told Us Weekly in February 2021. “They’ve been dating since the beginning of COVID but have just started going public. They’re pretty much inseparable. You can say she practically lives with him because she’s at his house that much.”

How long have Nick viall and Natalie Joy been together?

For more than two years, Nick Viall and Natalie Joy have experienced a rosy relationship far away from any Bachelor Nation cameras.

Where is Natalie Joy from?

Johnson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended Mount Hebron High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre from Mary Washington College.

How old is Natalie Joy Nick viall?

‘The Bachelor’ alum Nick Viall felt anxious about the age difference between Natalie Joy and himself. Nick Viall is 41, and the 23-year-old Natalie Joy is almost two decades younger. The substantial age difference between them was something Viall admitted he was reluctant about early in their relationship.