Who is OG from Basketball Wives dating?

The Basketball Wives star and executive producer said “yes” to a proposal from her boyfriend, Pastor Keion Henderson, on Nov. 11 after nearly two years of dating. Shaunie O’Neal is engaged!

Why is OG not on Basketball Wives anymore?

OG departed “Basketball Wives” after another controversial season. Evelyn denied using the monkey emoji to take a shot at OG. So she filed a defamation lawsuit against her.

Who is OG chijindu?

Ogom “OG” Chijindu is a Nigerian-American professional athlete who played soccer, basketball, volleyball and track & field.

Why did Evelyn Sue OG?

Evelyn Sued OG For Defamation According to her, OG’s accusations caused her emotional distress and resulted in her losing endorsements. Evelyn also filed a restraining order against her castmate, which the judge denied. Per reports, it was denied because she already had a defamation lawsuit against OG.