Who is Olivia Benson from SVU married to?

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann can credit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for their marriage. Hargitay has been starring as Detective Olivia Benson on the hit NBC series since 1999, and the pair met during season 3 when Hermann was brought on for a guest appearance as defense attorney Trevor Langan.

Is Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay still married?

They celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary earlier this year. In August 2022, Hargitay and Hermann celebrated their 18-year wedding anniversary.

Who is Olivia Benson in love with?

For years, fans have craved a romantic connection between Benson and Stabler. Since season 1, viewers have seen the partners’ bond grow — both in and out of conflict — and Stabler may have confessed his love for Benson during a rather inopportune moment back in 2021.

Does Olivia Benson have a child in real life?

Despite the fact Mariska Hargitay spends her time fighting crime on screen as detective Olivia Benson in “Law and Order: SVU,” off camera she’s raising three adorable kids with her husband, “Younger” star Peter Hermann. After getting married in 2004, the pair welcomed their first child together in 2006.