Is Rhonda Vincent’s daughter Sally married?

Is Rhonda Vincent’s daughter Sally married?

Profile: US vocalist and guitarist. Married to Hunter Berry, daughter of Rhonda Vincent, sister of Tensel Sandker.

How did Rhonda Vincent meet her husband?

She’s a mother of two. On Christmas Eve in 1983, Vincent married Herb Sandker, whom she had met while playing the fiddle in his dance band. They are proud parents to daughters Sally and Tensel, who also performed with their mother.

Is Brianna and Vincent still married?

Of the five couples from Married at First Sight Season 12, only three couples opted to stay together on Decision Day. Of those three couples, only Briana and Vincent are still together. In fact, they announced in 2022, they’re expecting their first baby together.

How much does Rhonda Vincent charge?

Rhonda Vincent concert tickets typically cost $65 a ticket.