How much does Sam Kerr get paid?

Now, the Australian is said to be the world’s best-paid female player, with a salary reportedly exceeding UK£400,000 (US$452,000) per year.

How much does the lowest AFL player get paid?

1st year player – $10,560. 2nd – $12,672. 3rd – $14,784. 4th – $14,784. 5th – $15,840. 6th – $16,896. 7th – $17,952. 8th – $19,008.

Do the lionesses get paid?

Last month, football agent Jo Tongue arranged for a female player to transfer to a second-tier English side, only for the club to offer her a full-time salary of £21,000 – less than many male Premier League players earn in a week.

Is Etienne a Haitian?

Though born and raised in the United States, Etienne chose to represent Haiti in international competition, becoming the third member of his family to do so after his father and uncle.