Is Sandra Bullock in a relationship now?

While Sandra Bullock is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, she tends to keep her life away from the spotlight more private. That extends to her relationship with boyfriend Bryan Randall, who she has been with since 2015 and helps her raise her two kids, Laila and Louis.

Who is Sandra Bullock married to now?

Sandra Bullock

Is Sandra Bullock still with Bryan?

But a second source confirmed the breakup. The insider said Bullock and Randall’s different views on marriage may have been too hard to overcome. “It’s widely known Bryan wanted to make things official with Sandra, but she didn’t see a need to go down that path. It became quite an issue as time went on.”

Has Sandra Bullock dated Ryan Reynolds?

When the relationship fell apart, Reynolds got right back on the horse. Right before his fling with Theron, Reynolds dated Sandra Bullock.