Is Kang the Conqueror powerful than Thanos?

Is Kang the Conqueror powerful than Thanos?

Kang the Conqueror is an extremely powerful entity, who sets out for total multiversal domination, and his abilities, powers, intellect, and arsenal will allow him to do so with incredible ease. Thanos (the MCU’s most powerful villain to date) wanted to rid 50 percent of the universe’s population, and he succeeded.

Can Thanos defeat Kang?

Kang has no powers of his own When it comes to unarmed combat with no tricks allowed, there’s little reason to think Thanos would lose against Kang. His physiology evolved on the world of Titan, and he is already a widely feared conqueror of planets way before he ever gets the powers of the Infinity Stones.

Why is Kang better than Thanos?

And even if he decimated half of the universe with them, there’s a good chance Kang would come out on top of Thanos if the two ever came to blows. That’s because Kang possesses more abilities than Thanos and is more experienced in using them.