Who defeats Kang?

1/10 The Inhumans Eventually, Ahura Boltagan defeated Kang, killing him to stop the villain from attacking the Inhumans in the future.

Who is powerful than Kang?

After teaming up with the Avengers to battle Surtur and other foes, Black Knight came across Kang and the Grandmaster during one of the best stories featuring the Conqueror. Using his magical sword known as the Ebony Blade, Black Knight defeated Kang alone and earned his place as an Avenger.

Is Kang the Conqueror the strongest villain?

In 2022, Newsarama ranked Kang the Conqueror 2nd in their “Best Avengers villains of all time” list. In 2022, Screen Rant included Kang the Conqueror in their “10 Most Powerful Avengers Villains In Marvel Comics” list and his Scarlet Centurion persona in their “15 Most Powerful Black Panther Villains” list.

Is Kang the Conqueror the most powerful?

Kang possesses no superpowers but effectively gains them through his Battle Armor. The armor gives him super strength, making him among the most powerful villains in Marvel Comics. Kang’s enhanced strength comes courtesy the 40th century when he adopted a highly advanced synthetic alloy to produce his suit.