Who is Vanessa on Oak Island?

But what do we know about Vanessa Lucido? 1. Roc Equipment Vanessa is the CEO of Roc Equipment, but her family have been working in drilling for ages. She has gained her skills and experience observing and learning at her family’s company, Becho Inc.

Who owns ROC drilling?

“The company is a woman-owned and operated business – Vanessa Lucido, the daughter of the founder, took the business over in 2012 at the age of 25 when her father was killed in an industry-related accident.

What is buried in the Oak Island treasure Pit?

Pirate Treasure The most popular theory claims Oak Island holds the buried treasure of a 17th Century pirate named Captain Kidd. According to local legend, a dying sailor on Kidd’s crew claimed that £2 million worth of treasure was buried on the island.

Why did the archeologists leave Oak Island?

So, just when the pro’s insights about the newly uncovered cobblestone “roadway” and other finds were most needed, the three archeologists had to abandon the hunt to crack the mystery of “The Curse of Oak Island.”